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Welcome to the Law Office of Jessica S. Lacy

We are a full service law firm serving clients throughout central Indiana.  Our east side Indianapolis office is convenient to both I-465 and I-70, and we offer free parking for the convenience of our clients. 

Our Philosophy

We help families with their legal needs. Whether it’s a death in the family, a divorce, a custody battle, a pending criminal charge, or financial crisis, we can help. The attorneys and staff at the Law Office of Jessica S. Lacy are down to earth and easy to talk to. We think that it is important that you are comfortable with whomever you choose to represent you. Our attorneys have over 15 years of experience dealing with family, probate, employment, debt defense and criminal law. Let us help you.

One of the fundamental principles of our practice is to keep our clients informed. This begins at the initial consultation. Our attorneys take the time to explain the law and legal process to you and to answer your questions so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed with your case and whether to hire counsel. We arm our clients with knowledge and information to help you make the best decision in your situation.

Although our primary areas of practice are family law, probate, bankruptcy and criminal defense, we offer legal services in a variety of areas to meet the various needs of our clients. During the course of a representation, we often discover that clients may have other legal needs. For instance, a post-divorce client may want a new will or power of attorney. Our broad experience allows us to serve you in more than one legal area at a time.

Family Law

“Family Law” encompasses many legal issues, including divorce, custody, child support, emancipation, juvenile, CHINS and paternity cases. At the Law Office of Jessica S. Lacy, we believe that the definition of “Family Law” should be expanded to include any legal issue that affects your family, which could be the need for a will, assistance with a relative’s estate, starting a business, saving a family home from foreclosure, and more. In reality, almost any legal issue you may be facing will affect your family. We offer legal services to assist you with all of those things.

Our attorneys and staff understand that strong emotions often accompany family law cases, and we are committed to guiding our clients through these difficult cases with concern and compassion. We are also passionate about advocating for the rights of our clients and for protecting the best interests of our clients' children. Our attorneys are advisors, advocates, counselors and strategists for our clients. We understand that the outcome of your family law case affects your life everyday and can have a great impact on your future. As such, we strive to deliver quality legal service on every family law matter entrusted to our care. Learn more about our attorneys on our Attorneys and Staff page, or visit Ms. Lacy's Indianapolis Family Law blog at

Contact us at 317-894-1500 to schedule your family law consultation.

Probate Court and Estates

Our attorneys regularly practice in probate court, including assisting clients with adult guardianships, guardianships over minors, adoptions, estates, estate litigation, will contests,  trusts and trust contests.  Dealing with an elderly relative or dealing with a death in the family is hard enough without having to deal with the legal system.  We provide our clients with supportive legal advice to navigate the legal system when dealing with these issues.  We take the time to explain the process of obtaining a guardianship or administering an estate.  We also assist clients with advance planning, such as wills, powers of attorney, health care directives and living wills.

Call us at 317-894-1500 to schedule your estate administration or estate planning consultation today!

Mediation, Arbitration, Parenting Coordination, GAL

Is alternative dispute resolution right for you? Does your family need a creative solution or services to assist with resolving parenting time and post decree disputes?  At the Law Office of Jessica S. Lacy, we offer mediation, arbitration, parenting coordination and Guardian ad Litem services.  Both Ms. Lacy and Ms. Hayden are trained, registered and experienced family law mediators and are frequently appointed by the Courts to mediate family law cases involving paternity, child support, divorce, asset and debt division, custody, parenting time, contempt, relocation, minor guardianship, and modifications.  In addition, Ms. Lacy is a Family Law Arbitrator, who can provide arbitration services for parties who select to have their case heard in a private, and confidential setting.  The benefits of arbitration  include the ability to get a speedy resolution in a confidential setting that is less formal and less intimidating than a courtroom.   The law firm's mediation and arbitration services assist families with getting their disputes resolved outside of Court.  Contact us at 317-894-1500 to learn more about mediation or arbitration.

In addition, the Law Office of Jessica S. Lacy offers parenting coordination and Guardian ad Litem services as other alternatives to help families in the midst of their legal issues.  Both Ms. Hayden and Ms. Lacy are trained, experienced Parenting Coordinators, who assist high conflict parents with co-parenting issues and work with parents in an effort to prevent additional litigation.  Ms. Lacy and Ms. Hayden are also trained and experienced Guardian ad Litems, representing children in family law cases.  As Guardian ad Litems, our attorneys interview all the parties, meet with the children, review collateral sources,  conduct home visits, interview relevant witnesses, and prepare a written report for the parties and the Court regarding the information obtained and recommendations for the best interests of the children.    Contact us at 317-894-1500 to learn more about our parenting coordination or Guardian ad Litem services.

Family Law Appeals

Our attorneys are experienced at handling appeals in family law cases.  Both Ms. Lacy and Ms. Hayden have successfully appealed judgments in family law matters, and both attorneys have published opinions from the Indiana Court of Appeals.  If you have received a family law order, judgment or decree that you believe is in error or contrary to the law, call us for a consultation today!  Time is of the essence if you think you may want to appeal a Court's decision, judgment or decree in your family law case.  It is important to see an appellate attorney right away because there are strict deadlines for filing an appeal. Our attorneys are happy to consult with you regarding your concerns about an order, judgment or decree that you may think is not appropriate. 

Call us at 317-894-1500 to schedule your appellate review consultation today!

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